Tuesday, September 18, 2007

We Are On Our Way Home!!

It is 12:30 am in Kiev and our lawyer will be at the apartment to pick us up at 4:30 to head to the airport. We fly out of Kiev for Prague at 6:30 am on Czech Airlines flight #4919. We arrive at 7:45. After a 3 plus hour layover we head for JFK on flight #5 at 11:00 and arrive at 14:15. We then have a 5 plus hour layover - but we need up to two hours to process all the documents for the girls. We will switch to Delta and fly to Salt Lake. We leave JFK at 19:31 and arrive at 22:59. Time is almost out so we will talk to you tomorrow or today - however you look at it!

Here a picture of our return trip. They finally slept at JFK.


Susie said...

Goood luck! Hope your trip is safe and uneventful!

Diana said...

Congratulations on a sucessful adoption. Hope you've got some benedryl for those long flights! Have a safe trip!

tami said...

WELCOME HOME! And Priviet to the girls! I am sure you are tired and jet lagged and overwhelmed, but I can't wait to hear about the trip home! Congratulations you finally reached the end of a loooonnnggg road, and now you get to start down and even longer one!! But your family is together and complete, how wonderful!