Friday, September 14, 2007

Village Food

Here are some pictures of the refrigerator at the house in the village. Notice the fish on the bottom shelf. Talk about your sushi. They just cut it off and eat it. It was there for several days and it smelled bad. Some of the items on the top shelf were there since we arrived on 8/15. I do not even want to know what they were. All the items in sealed container are ours. We ate a lot of Raman noodles, instant potatoes, and eggs.

The items in the freezer are loose pieces of meat just frozen in place. The market is the same way. We never got a picture but one of the stores had a half- yes a half of a pig’s head loose in their freezer. No we did not buy any frozen food there! The other picture is what they had to use to cut up their meat. Medieval if you ask me!!

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