Friday, September 7, 2007

New Birth Certificates!!

Today we went to the city where the girls' birth certificates were registered. If you all like thrill rides, just come on over here and ride in the back seat of our driver's car!!! Holy Cow!!! Anyway, we got the new birth certificates which have us listed as their parents and also have their new names on them! yeah!

Tomorrow, Saturday, we go and officially get the girls from the orphanage. We bought bananas, juice, and cookies for all the kids in their group for a goodbye party. Even though the girls are excited I'm sure they will be sad to leave as well. They have many good friends there and great caretakers that love them.

We have grown to love many of the children there and gotten to know them quite well. Even though we are glad to be done with this phase of the process, we are sad to be saying goodbye to some of the kids. There are a few that have really grabbed our hearts.

We have been anxiously counting down the days till we could leave this village, but today as we drove through the town I saw several faces of people we have gotten to know from shopping in their markets or going to the cafe, orphanage, etc. I realized, we will actually miss this place!

Regardless, we are GLAD to finally be leaving on Monday morning, with OUR new daughters! We will stay in Kharkiv for a couple of days taking care of the passports.

Well, got to go to bed! We will keep you posted!


Leah and Greg


tami said...

Woooohooooooo!!! This is wonderful news! I completely understand about missing the village, despite all of the hardships we look upon our experience in Ukraine as one of the greatest of our life and remember it fondly. You have had some even greater hardships than we did and it has taken longer, but for the rest of your life you will hold those memories dear. I can't wait to get together with you and the girls when you get home!

With love and prayers,
Tami Jenson

Cheryl said...

Yeah! It's almost time to come home!! Glad it's all going as planned. Keep us informed as to when you will return. Have a great weekend with the KIDS!!!

Kyle Hosman said...

Greg, Leah, congratulations on the adoption and the day in court! The girls are lucky to have you and you are lucky to have them. Michelle and I are very excited about the girls coming home and we look forward to meeting them. Especially Madden! Wesley broke his right leg below the knee last week during a ice skating lesson at the ice sheet. Poor kid. He's got a cast from his crotch to his toes. He'll be in that for three weeks and then another smaller cast for another three weeks. Carrying him around is getting old! This is not good for my back!
Greg, you know I can't resist giving you some U5 numbers from August: Crew 1: 49.9MD, Crew 2: 50.89MD, Crew 3: 50.15MD, Crew 4 49.18MD! Kendall's set a new record for Step 1-2 too! He and Crew 4 finished a front shift last week with a 64.3MD! Isn't that cool? I'm very excited that Crew 4 can lay claim to a sector record of their own. Crew 2 set a record for Step 1 last month on the 20th with 64.8MD. Anita was pleased and Scott quit complaining for a few minutes. Total waste last month was 3.93 and total MD for all four crews was 50.04. July was 50.30 and June was 47.58. We've had a pretty clean schedule since you've been gone, mostly thanks to the other plants running well. We've got U5's PM next week and some center-lining work this week on Wednesday. We're also getting "FOAK'd" later this month with some new Chinese flap elastic. I'm sure it'll work good! It's made in China! How bad could it be?! We've got a "comm day" tomorrow for Crew 1 so I'm sitting here doing my homework since I get the crews for all of 30 minutes. We can spend that long talking about Terry's Tattoos! Anyhow, look forward to you coming home and we're really looking forward to meeting the girls. Enjoy what's left of your trip! -Kyle

Diane said...

Greg and Leah,

How wonderful! What beautiful angels your girls are!!! We are so excited for you, and can hardly wait for your safe return with your augmented family. We'd love to be at the airport to welcome you all home. Please let us all know when you're coming in. What a marvelous blessing to have in your lives. And what an adventure!! After all this time, finally getting to complete your family! Congratulations. We love you.
Bob, Diane, and Family

Jerry Evans said...

Such wonderful happenings! You have your girls. Bob and Diane have Emmalee, Mark is married, and Leslie and Jared have their baby boy! I know Grampa Bob is as happy for you as I am. I hope those lovely little gals are able to appreciate being in your precious family. Have a safe and fun trip home.
Love, Aunt Jerry (Gramma Bob)