Saturday, September 15, 2007

Update 9/15

We made it to Kiev. The train was an early one and the girls were excited to go but not excited about getting up at 5:30 am. We have a nice apartment near our first one so we are lucky to already know where everything is located. Also now we can communicate enough to get what we need.

We did go to TGI Friday's tonight and were able to read an English menu. Yeah! The girls ate good and after they polished off their french fries and half their hambuger the waitress came by and they asked for two more in Ukraine. They are so funny and eat like our older sons. As long as Karina likes it Cassidee follows suit. Otherwise if she says, "Foo", then no chance of Cassidee even trying it. They say Foo a lot without even trying some things. Once they do it is a different story.

We purchased our plane tickets today and will be back in SLC on 9/19 - Wed - at 11:00 PM. I will remember to get flight numbers tomorrow.

See you all soon!

Greg, Leah, Garrett, Karina, and Cassidee

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albrecht5 said...

What an incredible journey you have been on. We're excited that you'll be home on Wednesday!!! The weather is finally cooling down a bit. We have been doing our challenge month...the first week was no screen...and it was a challenge!!! The rest so far hasn't been to bad. I talked to LaRae Stuart the other day and she has gotten a part time job at Lomond View as a teachers aid and said that she might be helping with the kids that are learning english as a second language. I told her that she might get to work with the girls and she was excited to hear that you guys will be home next week. Elizabeth is also excited to meet the girls and become their friend. The kids in Primary have been working really hard on the songs for the program. Barry and I are hoping to have at least one of the girls in our Primary class. We look forward to having you home. Take care and my the Lord bless you and watch over you.

Barry and Iva