Friday, September 14, 2007

Update 9/14

We could not resist getting a picture of them sleeping. After a long day they were so tired they went to bed fairly well. They were excited to catch the train the next day. We did not get the passports as planned on Thursday but we did on Friday afternoon. One problem, we could not get a ticket for the Friday 6 pm train so we will leave tomorrow morning for Kiev (Saturday 7am).

Our stay in Kharkov has been great. We enjoy the apartment. It is very nice and was only $60 US. More than worth the extra $10 versus our village accommodations. We ventured to a pizza place tonight. Very wimpy, no toppings, very little cheese or sauce, and as Garrett put it, “This taste nothing like pizza”! Well it was not that bad and to get three pizzas for 42rph - $8.40 US you can not complain too much. I will miss the good food prices.

We will visit the US Consulate on Monday to take care of visas and medical exams for the girls. We promised Garrett a trip to Independence Square for another meal at McDonalds. The girls are excited as well to have a hamburger since Papa’s was “Yum Yum”.

We will try and get pictures on the web in Kiev but the internet cafe we were at the first time had their own computers and did not allow jump drives. We have a Wi-Fi place here in Kharkov and it has been much nicer to work from my own laptop. Leah and I both went there and had some yummy desserts.

We better get some sleep since it is after Midnight and our driver will pick us up at 6:00 am. Keep leaving comments; we love to hear from all of you.

Best wishes and we will see you next week! Love Ya, Greg, Leah, Garrett, Karina, and Cassidee.


Diane said...

We just read and look at the pictures and cry for you. We are sooo excited for you and your little girls. Miracle do happen and our children find us no matter where they are. DO YOU GET HOME WEDNESDAY NIGHT AT 11 PM?????? PLEASE LET US KNOW!!!!!
What a blessing you will all be to eachother. How greatful for the sealing blessings of the temple that will make you all a forever family. Hugs and kisses, bob, diane and family (paul says him too)

Mina said...

It is great to see your photos and know that you will be home soon. Nathan has missed Garrett and looks forward to seeing him again and meeting his new sisters! They look like adorable girls and I'm sure that they will be a blessing for you! Take care and we hope to see all of you soon!
Mina & Nathan

tami said...

Hi again!

I was a little confused, I thought you were already in Kiev! I am glad you got to spend a few days in Kharkov, that city holds a special place in my heart :-)

I forgot to tell you about something else to see in Kiev while you are there. It is a statue called "Rodina Mot" which means "Mother, Motherland" it is simular to the statue of Liberty, but WAY bigger and standing on top of a hill overlooking the river that runs through Kiev. It is a silver color and looks so majestic towering over everything around it, I promise you have never seen anything like it! It was erected after the 2nd world war which is a little sad because it stands for liberty which the Ukrainians definatly did not have under Stalin! (tragic history)

So many things that you have written about bring back memories just like it was yesturday, the crazy drivers, the open markets, the sweet people. I feel like I am reliving it through you!

Have a great day!
Love Tami