Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The Girl's Going Away Party

We threw a party for Karina and Cassidee's group on their final day. We bought bananas, juice, and cookies for them all. They all sat so good and ate their treats. Several of the kids had no idea how to open the banana. We took some pictures of these darling kids during the party and afterwards.

I wonder if the girls will miss their friends and the care-takers. They did spend over two years and Karina would have left for another orphanage on September 1st - the beginning of the school year so they would have been separated. I know that the Lord does thing a specific way and if it was not for all the trials and problems we faced over the last two plus years we would have never found these little blessings in our life.

We will update more tomorrow, Love Greg, Leah, Garrett, Karina, and Cassidee.


Susie said...

So glad that things are going well and that you'll be back soon!!! Can't wait to meet the girls!

tami said...

What a great relief to be back in Kiev on the last leg of the journey. I remember it was the most amazing feeling to have the girls with us and get to finally take them everywhere! I have a few recommendations while you are in Kiev if you get the chance, The zoo was a fun way to spend the day (we have taken our girls to the zoo on "gotcha day" for the last two years because we did it in Kiev) Definatly go to Independance square if you get the chance, it is very cultural with sidwalk performers and suvenier tables set up. There is also a McDonalds there with a flushing toilet! (you know what I mean!) There is an underground mall there too, but if you walk just a few blocks up the hill, you will come to a fabulous blue cathedral next to a park with an amazing overlook of the river and other half of the city. There are also a few restaraunts in town with the tradtional Ukrainian theme and food (thatched huts, girls in traditional dress, ect.) We went to two of them, one had goats and chickens behind it that the girls loved to see. The other was quite expensive it was called the Zhar's village, but we had amazing Chicken Kiev there. I hope you are taking a ton of pictures! No matter how many you take, you will wish you had more!