Friday, August 10, 2007

We Are On Our Way

We have the dresser done and their room is ready for their arrival.

It is 5:30 am and I just finished packing. Leah finally went to get some sleep and I will try and get mine on the plane. Our flight leaves at 10:23 and Leah's mom, Sally, is picking us up at 7:00.

This will be quite the adventure. Check back often and leave us a post to let us know what is going on.

Thanks for everything,

Greg and Leah


Blaine said...

Best of luck to you and I wish you well! I had never been out of the country before until we went to Ukraine. I discovered that the ocean is BIG and the flight from JFK to KBP is very LONG, even at 500 mph or so at 40,000 feet.

Please enjoy your time in Kiev and in region. Eat some of those good hand-made fresh salads for us. Enjoy the borscht and verenkie and palmini and chopped meat and some carp for us as well.

Don't forget to drink lots of Sandora juice and eat a lot of local made ice-cream, I should have mailed some of that back to the "states" :-)

I certainly hope all goes well for you, that the SDA has a good referral for you and an early appointment in the day.

We will also wish you the best with the new passport changes and the minimum 10-day waiting period (after the 10 day court waiting period) on that.

-Blaine and Diana and our new family

Blaine said...

A couple of more things:
1) Make * sure * you have the address of the SDA with you as you enter the country. It depends on the passport control person at KBP, but they just about did not let me into the country as I did not have a street address of who I was visiting or who invited me or who I would be staying with.

2) The exchange rate is best in Kiev (capital city) so you might want to change a lot of cash there before heading to region. It is low this time of year due to it being August and a lot of people on vacation and a demand for Hyrivna. We started out at 5.03 in Kiev and ended up changing at 4.85 in region by the time we were done.

Cozie Schaffer said...

Hi Greg , Leah, Garrett,

we have't heard any more from you . I sure hope everything is ok. you must be beat tired. that was a long plane ride huh???

I must go , I will keep checking all day long until i hear something from you. It is 10:00am here now. what time is it there... love all of you

dad & mom schaffer