Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Kharkov Tomorrow

It is 9:00 pm -Noon MST - on August 14 and we leave at 5:30 tomorrow morning for the train to Kharkov. It is around a 5 hour train ride and and hour by car to village. Yes Village. We will stay in a house only a few minutes walking distance from orphange. We are told we can see it from our house.

Village means NO internet access which means no more updates for awhile. We will try and get driver to take us into the city a couple times each week to access and update. Please bear with us over the next few weeks.

We visited one of the grand cathedrals with a private tour this evening. Very intresting. We will submit pictures at some point of our trip. Even Garrett was entertained. Funny to see things that date to the 9th century and think there is not anything in the US that dates back that far. Wild.

Our laywer - Natalia - about crapped when we told her how much they wanted for a one-way ticket back for the girls - $3,300 each. We went to a local travel agency and found one-way on same flights as us for $680 each. Much better I would say.

We love you all and appreciate your prayers and support.


Cheryl said...

Glad you made it okay! We will continue to keep you in our prayers and especially for the next few days. Can't wait to see pics of everything! Have a great week! Love, Cheryl

Cozie Schaffer said...

GREG, That is great that you got AIRLINE TIKETS FOR $680 each to come home. is there a chance that you might get a littler girl from the same family? my prayers and dads also are sure with you.
tell garrett i didn't mean to call him garage. ha.ha. i DIDN'T HAVE ANY SPELL CHECK AND I JUST SENT IT AND DIDN'T READ IT OVER UNTIL TOO LATE. SORRY GARRETT Well I must go now. "love you 3", love dad and mom.

tami said...

I can't believe you are so close to Kharkov, I wish I was right there with you! we had such an amazing experience there that I wish I could do it all over again! I hope you have that list of Russian words that I sent you, because I am pretty possitive that your Kharkov girls will be speaking Russian, but these girls are a little older, you might have fun teaching them English words on your visits for things anything around you, like tree, flower, ect. The Russian word for Sing is Spoi, that would be a fun thing to teach if you like to sing. Hope you are having a wonderful time soaking up the culture and beauty of Ukrain!


Jan and Bill said...

The pictures of the girls are darling. How exciting. We are so pleased for you. Hope the rest of the process goes well -- it has surely been a long haul. We'll keep you in our prayers.


paul ellsworth said...

Hey Greg & Family. glad to see your well on your way! take care and God bless. we've got ya covered in our prayers.