Friday, August 24, 2007

Fun day with the girls!

Today is Friday the 24th it has been a very eventful and long two weeks. We spend four hours a day with the girls. We have bonded and are experimenting daily with ways to teach English,
manners, and to discipline when needed.

Today we were fortunate to leave the orphanage and take the girls to the open market. It is a huge market where they open up metal booths a couple times a week and sell everything from clothes and furniture to fish and hair dye. At 12:00 PM they lock their metal doors and shut down. Then it looks like rows of big blue metal boxes. We got each of the girls a couple of outfits and new sandals. "To go to America in!" After the market we took them to lunch at the cafe, and then to the house where we are staying. They were so excited when we showed them their suitcase. They found Q-Tips and were excited to clean their ears. They found Garrett's toothbrush so I pulled out theirs I had bought at home. We gave them to the girls and they were so excited to brush. Their teeth are in horrible shape. I'm thinking they don't brush.
We wrestled around and the girls tried on Leah's lipstick and did hair. At 4:00, instead of going to the orphanage, we went swimming at a lake. It was great fun and so very refreshing after the heat and humidity of the day.

Today is Ukraine's Independence Day. Last night there were fireworks and a big celebration, of course it held up our court date, but we're getting there. Court is in three days!
Bye for now, Love, the Schaffers

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Cheryl said...

Sounds like a fun day! The market trip sounded like fun. Sounds like Karina & Karalina get excited about everything so it will be great fun to see them at the shower! Glad the court date is soon (tomorrow!) Let us know how it goes. Do you need to go back to Kiev for the court appt.? Have a good Sabbath!