Sunday, August 12, 2007

We are in Kiev

Well not a lot of time but we arrived in Kiev with just a few problems. Luggage was left in Poland and is n0t scheduled to arrive until later today. I hope! We did have a washer to wash our travel clothes but no bathroom supplies etc. Oh well we did make it and have tons of stories we will add as time permits. I am trying to type this from a Ukraine Internet Cafe and everything is in Ukraine so no spell check. Sorry if I misspell something. I will correct it later.

Flight and everything was ok. Lost luggage and then Garrett's Gameboy somewhere between security check in Warsaw and Apartment. Oh well.

We have our meeting tomorrow at SDA. We will find out what time just after 9:00 am when they open.

Met our Lawyer today. Very nice and stunning. She took us around to get a few items and show us where internet cafe was located.

Must run time is about up. We will get pictures imported to jump drive and load some goodies either later tonight or tomorrow.

Cheers from Kiev, Love Greg, Leah, and Garrett.

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Diana said...

Best wishes for your appointment tomorrow. It can be a little overwhelming. We pray you'll find your children on your first visit, too! The SDA is nothing like we imagined it would be. You wait outside in the crowded courtyard, then go up a stark stairway into a small shared office and sit on a vinyl couch with the officials and translator sitting in chairs across from you. People were in and out all through our meeting, which lasted about 1/2 hour or so. Without much adue, they will then show you however many files of various children they have selected for you. We were shown several, but only one was even remotely healthy enough for us to even consider. This is also the first one they showed us and also the one they told us the most about right up front. I believe they, too, knew that even though there were several profiles, there was only one real option for us. Let me tell you, it was also WAY out of the realm of what we were expecting. Prior to visiting the SDA, we had no intention of adopting 2 boys or adopting a toddler. But guess what? We got both!! Oh, and not all the information we were given by the SDA was accurate, either. Our youngest son's birth date was 6 months off (he's younger than we were told) and there was quite a bit about their both their health we didn't learn until after we'd already been to court. But, life is what it is and we KNOW these are our boys...and the children we were sent to adopt. We weren't sure until after we'd met both of them, but our daughter, who was at the SDA with us knew immediately that these were her brothers.