Sunday, August 5, 2007

Girly Stuff

Hi everyone! Well, we have 4 more days to get ready! Yikes! We are running out of time! Here is a picture of our very first girly things in the house, it was really fun setting it up, Greg especially enjoyed it! We're going to get a night stand tomorrow and paint it white to put right there in between the beds. We leave Friday, wish us luck and please include us in your prayers.

Love you all,

Greg and Leah


Leslie said...

Oh my goodness! congratulations on your new additions to your family! we are so happy for you~ what a wonderful time!
much love,
Jared, Leslie, and baby

Anne Mons said...

Their room is adorable Leah! Don't you just love girlie stuff? You both take care and stay safe, and I'll be keeping you in my prayers. Don't forget to blog your progress!

In my thoughts,