Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Pumpkin Carving

We carved pumpkins tonight. The girls had a ton of fun. This was the first time they had ever carved a pumpkin and they did a great job.
Cassidee was teasing us saying she was going to eat the insides of the pumpkin. She did try a few seeds and like those. Karina was too busy working on her masterpiece. It is amazing how well they are doing with their English. They are so excited for Halloween tomorrow.

We took them to a Corn Maze Monday night and they loved it. A scary guy came out right at the first. Cassidee was not happy about that. I had to carry her for the first ten minutes before she would let me put her down. Karina told us she would beat-up the guy if he tried to scare her. I am thinking she would hold her own too.

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Susie said...

So much fun, Leah! I bet it is so great to see all these things through their eyes for the first time!